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Canadian Visitors Consider Tucson “Canada-Friendly”

Canadian Travelers are bound for Tucson Investors from Canada find Value in Tucson, AZ Recently an article in the Canadian Traveller, sharing some of the great Tucson treasures with our neighbors up north. We have always known the great advantages that we have here in Tucson, Arizona, it is just nice to hear others appreciate […]

Short Sale Relief from Debt Forgiveness in Arizona

Debt Relief for Short Sale AZ Tax Relief Debt Forgiveness in Arizona Cancellation Taxes AZ The “fiscal cliff” deal includes an extension of the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act. Debt forgiven as a result of a short sale or mortgage modification is ordinarily considered taxable income. AZ short sales made up a large portion of all […]

Do you know any Famous People from Arizona – Living or Born in Tucson?

Famous People from Arizona Have you ever wondered what famous people were born in or which famous people are living in Tucson, AZ?  Well, here is a list to we created to start the conversation. Please leave additions in the comment area below. It is  interesting to explore the diversity of famous Tucsonans of Arizona. […]