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Canadian Visitors Consider Tucson “Canada-Friendly”

Canadian Travelers are bound for Tucson Investors from Canada find Value in Tucson, AZ Recently an article in the Canadian Traveller, sharing some of the great Tucson treasures with our neighbors up north. We have always known the great advantages that we have here in Tucson, Arizona, it is just nice to hear others appreciate […]

Tucson n “Top 10 Sellers Market” Nationally

Tucson makes “10 Best Markets for Home Sellers” ZipRealty, a national real estate brokerage company, has found that Tucson, AZ is a Top 10 housing market that is starting to lean in the sellers’ favors. This is important for investors to know. Our market is ready to really start making and impact, and it is […]

Tucson Real Estate Investors Drawn to the Turbulent Waters of Distressed Deals

Investors Drawn to Tucson Real Estate Market conditions and improved rates of returns main draw. Traditionally, the way to make money in real estate is to buy low, hold the property for a time to let the market appreciate, and then sell for a profit. This requires patient money and an appreciating market.

Distressed debt investors are turning to Tucson’s Real Estate

Distressed Debt Investors Club turn to Tucson AZ The debt situation in America is not at all in good position. Since the recession, people of the country and also the country itself have been facing financial problem. So, if you are having any kind of problem with debt, you can try to find out “is […]