Do you know any Famous People from Arizona – Living or Born in Tucson?

Famous People from Arizona and Born in Tucson, AZ

Famous People from Arizona and Born in Tucson, AZ

Famous People from Arizona

Have you ever wondered what famous people were born in or which famous people are living in Tucson, AZ?  Well, here is a list to we created to start the conversation. Please leave additions in the comment area below. It is  interesting to explore the diversity of famous Tucsonans of Arizona. Take a look at the list of famous people who were born in, or famous people whom have lived in Tucson, Arizona:

Edward Abbey – author
Gilbert Arenas – professional basketball player
George Arias – professional baseball player
Dave Baldwin – born in Tucson, major league baseball player, writer, artist
Michael Bates – athlete
Michael Blake – author
Mika Boorem – actress
Lynn Borden   – actress and 1957 Miss Arizona
Frank Borman – astronaut
Charles Bowden – author
Ray Bradbury – author
Roy Brown  – actor “Cooky” on show “Bozo’s Circus”
Jerry Bruckheimer – producer
Tedy Bruschi – professional football player
Brooke Burke – model and TV host
Joey Burns – musician
Joseph Byrd – musician
Erskine Caldwell – playwright
Max Cannon – Author and creator of the comic strip Red Meat (comic)
Neko Case – musician
Richard Carmona – US surgeon general
Peter I. Chang – artist and filmmaker
John Convertino – musician
Joan Ganz Cooney – Creator of Sesame Street
James N. Corbett – former Mayor of Tucson
Mitch Cullin – author
Dennis DeConcini – US Senator
Kaylee DeFer – actress
Ted DeGrazia – painter
John Denver – musician
Daniel Martin Diaz – artist and musician
Bob Dole – politician
Chris Duncan – Major League Baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals
Shelly Duncan – Baseball Player New York Yankees
Barbara Eden – actress
Sean Elliott – professional basketball player
Farrah Fawcett  – artist and actress
John Fina – professional football player
Jennie Finch – professional softball player
Charles G. Finney – author
Dick Fisher, Filmmaker (won Grand Prize, Sundance Film Festival, 1995 for THE BROTHERS McMULLEN)
Pablo Francisco – stand-up comedian
Howe Gelb – musician
Gabrielle Giffords  – politician
Barry Goldwater – politician
Jane Goodall – chimpanzee researcher
Jim Grabb – former professional tennis player
Andrew Greeley  – author
Raul Grijalva  – politician
Lalo Guerrero – father of Chicano music
Savannah Guthrie  – television news
J.J. Hardy – major league baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers
Ron Hassey – born in Tucson, major league baseball player
Emil Haury – archaeologist
Gary Hayes – professional football player
Don Hummel – former Tucson mayor
Rob Hyland – actor
Ulysses Kay – composer
Alex Kellner – born in Tucson, major league baseball player
Walt Kellner – born in Tucson, major league baseball player
Daniel Kennedy – actor
Steve Kerr – professional basketball player
Barbara Kingsolver – novelist
Greg Kinnear – actor
Ian Kinsler – Major League Baseball Player and All Star for the Texas Rangers
Don Knotts – actor whom attended the University of Arizona
Joseph Wood Krutch – author
Eddie Leon – born in Tucson, major league baseball player
Caitlin Leverenz – Olympic Swimmer born in Tucson attended Sahuaro High School
Bob Log III – musician
Taryn Manning – actress
Lee Marvin – actor
Pete McCaffrey  – basketball player
Arizona Muse – model
Craig T. Nelson – actor
Eugene O’Dunne – judge on the Supreme Bench of Baltimore
Lute Olson – college basketball coach
Alice Greenough Orr – rodeo star originally from Montana
Rainer Ptacek  – composer and musician
Jeff Rein – Chairman and CEO of Walgreens
Geraldo Rivera – journalist and TV personality
Linda Ronstadt – musician
Robert Royal – painter
Jayla Rubinelli – model
Barry Sadler – singer songwriter
Margaret Sanger – Planned Parenthood founder
Zachariah Selwyn  – actor, musician and television personality
Garry Shandling – comedian and actor
Anthony Shumaker – major league baseball player
Leslie Marmon Silko – author
W. Eugene Smith – photographer
Peter Smith – scientist and principal investigator Phoenix Project
Martin Spanjers – actor
Kerri Strug – gymnast
Mo Udall – congressman
Van Cliburn – pianist
David Foster Wallace – author
Kate Walsh – actress
Lou Waters – newscaster
Andrew Weil – doctor of integrative medicine
Michael L. White – actor, writer, and producer
Link Wray – musician
Steven O’Brien  – One of the founding members of the Ray Charles Experience

Please let us know of people that we should add to this list.

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