Mc Mansions For Sale in Arizona

McMansions For Sale in Arizona
Mc Mansion Beautiful Large Homes of AZ

McMansions For Sale in Arizona Mc Mansion Beautiful Large Homes of AZ

McMansions For Sale in ArizonaMc Mansion Beautiful Large Homes of AZ

Downsizing Trend Reverses, Arizona Buyers Want Big Homes Again

As the economy recovers, Arizonan’s love affair with the oversized Mc Mansion has been growing.

For the past few years, the average size of new homes has been on the rise. The median new-home size in last hear reached a record high at twenty-three hundred square feet, according to newly released data from the Census Bureau. That is an 8% increase from five years prior.

During the economic downturn, Arizonans showed a preference for smaller homes, and many housing experts were saying it meant the end of the “Arizona McMansion.”

But Arizona home builder Lennar is saying, “that it wasn’t that Americans wanted less space, they just couldn’t afford more space at the time.” Now, they’re upsizing again. A spokeswoman for GL Homes says that the builder has been selling homes that average 7% larger than during the first five months of this quarter.

Some consumers are choosing to buy larger because they have more people under their roof. Lennar offers homes known as “NextGen,” which feature separate suites for a mother-in-law or college grad who has moved back home.

“Home shoppers tend to buy bigger than what they originally plan,” says a spokesman for Toll Brothers. “In the downturns, in upturns, whenever, our customers typically added another 20% of floor space onto what already was a very nice house to begin with.”

Mc Mansions For Sale in Arizona McMansion Beautiful Large Homes AZ Large McMansion Home with Acreage

AZ McMansion Home with Acreage

The National Association of Home Builders conducted a survey of home buyer preferences and found that people preferred a median home size of 2,225 square feet, just shy of the Census Bureau’s recently reported median size.

And the homes seem to be getting even bigger this year, according to builders. Even though loan underwriting has gotten a bit easier lately, according to a Federal Reserve survey, home sizes continue to grow.

It may be that people are simply programmed to want bigger living spaces. While shopping around, buyers almost always end up seeking bigger, not smaller, Arizona homes than they had originally planned.

An Arizona home builder has a model available in a three-bedroom, or a larger four-bedroom version. “The four bedroom outsells the three bedroom all day long,” said Arizona McMansion home builder. “I don’t know if we’ve ever sold a three-bedroom one.”

“But it’s hard not to see the increase in home size as a sign that the economy is recovering,” said AZ builder. “People weren’t buying SUVs during the recession either and they are again.”

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