Accessory Units in Arizona

Accessory Unit in Arizona

Accessory Unit in Arizona Dwelling Units AZ

Accessory Unit in Arizona Dwelling Units AZ

Arizona Home Owners Buy With Eye to Invest in UDA Properties

Cities throughout the United States and Canada are relaxing zoning codes to permit multiple dwellings on a single lot. Tucson is well known for being a market with guest houses. Makes visiting friends and family have a handy place for them to unwind without stepping on your feet. Or having a office that is separate from the main house.

City planners prefer these accessory units because they direct growth to already developed land and infrastructure, therefore reducing the cost of city services. Such dwellings are smaller and cheaper, too, assisting city officials in their efforts to create more affordable housing.

Question: What is an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)?

Answer: Arizona ADUs are independent units with a separate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom(s) either in the main residence or on the same property. An Arizona ADU could be a detached unit but isn’t necessarily. For example, an apartment over a garage, basement or a separate detached/attached building.  Whatever your label, an Arizona accessory dwelling unit should be universally designed to ensure ease and safety. Arizona accessory dwelling units could be the solution for anyone, even active adults who simply need temporary housing part of the year because they travel or have another home elsewhere.

Local zoning, HOA regulations and limitations must be considered; however, there is an increasing need for accessible housing for older Americans and the disabled so special use permits or variances should be explored. Some cities are recommending giving owners who already have an accessory structure in place the right to rent it out without zoning approval.

Cities are also looking to increase the number of affordable housing.  Some have used a combination of incentives to encourage single-family homeowners to build rental units, including reducing permit fees and eliminating red tape.  Now, businesses are getting into the act.  Credit unions have begun marketing mortgages that allow homeowners to build accessory units.  Finally, well known home builders are advertising “multi-generational” homes that have separate quarters for a family member.

Many residents have resorted to living in “granny flats” or “mother in law apartments.” But until a few years ago, building those units was illegal. “We had a black market in affordable housing,” said former member of the City Council. Lately however cities have taking a different direction, approving a series of changes not only to permit the construction of Arizona accessory dwelling units, but also to encourage it.

United States cities used to be more compact. But by the 1920s, Americans were leaving urban neighborhoods for the suburbs — a movement that accelerated after World War II as the country built more freeways and pulled up urban streetcar lines. Single-family neighborhoods have become less dense over the years — a function of an aging population and falling household sizes. As children leave for college and jobs, many seniors find themselves in homes too big for their needs. The generation behind them, meantime, continues to have fewer children — reducing its need for space.

Cities have seen a small revival recently. 24 of the nation’s 50 metropolitan areas with more than one million residents saw their cities grow faster than their suburbs. Prices have been affected by an inflow of investors and speculators — many from international investors — buying homes and condominiums. A recent study found that roughly half of major metropolitan downtown condominiums aren’t occupied by the owners.

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