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My wife and I moved to Tucson in July of 1993, because our sons were attending the University of Arizona. Up until this point the longest we had ever stayed in one place was about 7 years, but usually 2 or 3, before I got bored and ready for a change. Well, as of this July we will have lived here for 20 years and I have not gotten bored with Tucson yet.

Over the next several weeks I will tell you about many of the things I love about Tucson that keep me enthralled. I will keep it simple and we will see how long I will have things to share about my love for Tucson.

I thought that I would start by telling you about the weather, when I realized that I think I love the mountains the most. Tucson is kind of in a small valley or bowl that is surrounded by four beautiful mountain ranges.

Having lived in Colorado, I don’t want to give you the impression that by calling Tucson’s mountains, mountain ranges, that they are mountain ranges like the Rocky Mountains. We have a term, “Sky Islands,” here in Arizona. When you drive around Arizona in the desert, you will look into the distance and it will look like there is a small mountain range floating on the desert floor. These we call “Sky Islands”, something I love about Arizona.

I find myself in awe of Tucson’s mountains on a daily basis. As I am outside, walking, biking or driving, I find myself looking up and enjoying their grandeur. They are always changing, whether it is the sunrise, the sunset, the full moon, a summer thunder storm or a winter snow storm. They are never boring. They are dear friends.

Tucson’s Sky Islands also help me tell direction. Each one of the ranges has its own personality in the way it was formed. The Catalina Mountains are rugged, the Tucson Mountains are jagged, the Santa Rita Mountains are distant, the Rincon Mountains are rounded and soft. What I really like is the Catalina’s are to the north, the Tucson’s are to the west, the Santa Rita’s are to the south, and the Rincon’s are to the east, so assuming I am in Tucson, I can look up and always know about where I am and what direction I am headed. This is a luxury I have never had in any place I have lived before.

In my next blog I will share the uniqueness that the mountains give Tucson, from recreation, to our weather patterns, to our diversity of wildlife and vegetation.

Please feel free to send us your comments on your love for Tucson.

My Best,

Carl F. Pepper, Realtor

(520) 822-6575

University of Arizona Student House For Sale

University of Arizona Student House For Sale


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