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Tucson Streetcar in AZ – Take 3D Simulation of Tucson’s Street Car

Tucson Streetcar – Ride along in 3D! Sun Link Streetcar 3D Simulation 3D animation showing the proposed Tucson, Arizona streetcar stopping at 5 locations along the route.

First Time Home Buyer in Ventana Canyon AZ of Tucson Arizona

First Time Home Buyer Ventana Canyon AZ First-Time Buy in Tucson Arizona There have been studies that show the earlier a home buyer starts when purchasing that first, the greater the odds are that you wealth will increase later in life. Possibly this is because first time home buyers in Tucson AZ are usually methodical […]

House Market in Tucson AZ Property Value Rise

Tucson Economy and House Market Rise Tucson Arizona Property Value Increase Despite the difficult economic climate of recent years, many cities and towns across the U.S are seeing healthy movement in the real estate market, leading to a demand in houses and condos among the different price bands. Tucson has experienced the highest rise in houses […]

13 Beautiful Arizona Sunset Videos in (quick) Timelapse of Tucson AZ

Arizona Sunset Videos This every day canvas of clouds and horizon lights on which the beautiful sunsets of Tucson has become famous paintings. You may not have the time to enjoy these amazing sites — our signature sunsets happen year round – so we put together a collection of “timelapse” videos to condense the experience […]

Price of Homes in AZ Rise FASTEST in US!

Arizona Price of Homes Increase Kiplinger analyzed U.S. metro areas (with populations of more than half a million) to find those that enjoyed the largest percentage price of home increases last year. published the top dozen price increases of homes…

Tucson Real Estate Boom

Tucson Boom in US Real Estate Investments Two dozen people lined the walls of the living room, their backs to the windows and the sweeping Catalina Mountains views. They were there not to admire the vistas, but to inspect the home and then to bid on it. Yesterday’s auction at 6350 N. Placita Arista was […]