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Cheap Homes Boomerang Buyers Purchase a Home for Sell Again

Cheap Homes Boomerang Buyers Purchase a Home for Sell Arizona ‘Boomerang Buyers’ to own again after losing their homes. Of those who lost their AZ homes in recession, over seventy percent will return to Arizona home ownership within a few years, expert says.

16 Items MyOwnArizona Negotiates with New Homes Builder

WHAT CAN MYOWNARIZONA NEGOTIATE WITH THE BUILDER? New Construction Homes in Tucson: 16 Potential Areas of Negotiation When you know as a new home buyer in Tucson that you want to purchase and/or build a new home in a Tucson subdivision, you need to get started immediately. We will make sure you comfortable with what […]

Tucson Home Buying Process – Errors Home Buyers Should Avoid

Tucson Home Buying Process Errors to Avoid We keep seeing Tucson home buyers make the same mistakes over and over again in a home purchase. Among some of the common errors they see:

Mortgage help a prospective home buyer in Tucson?

Tucson Mortgage Interest Rate Current Help Following the sub-prime mortgage crisis, will you be able to rely on your mortgage broker in Tucson? This is because the brokers of mortgage loans were also a party to the sub-prime mortgage crisis and one of the main reasons that led to it was irregularities in sub-prime lending.