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We Love Tucson’s Weather

Tucson Search MLS Listings and Enjoy Tucson Weather on MLS Listing in AZ

Tucson Search MLS Listings and Enjoy Tucson Weather on MLS Listing in AZ

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Today I want to talk about Tucson’s weather and Search Tucson MLS Listings.

Please keep in mind as I talk about Tucson’s weather and searching MLS listings, that I have lived in: New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Idaho and Tucson, Arizona. I have also visited most other states, but I have not found any place I prefer the weather over Tucson.

It is November 5th at noon. The temperature outside is about 78 degrees and my door is open to let in the fresh air. The temperature when I went out at 6:15AM  was about 56 degrees, just a little nip to let me know it is fall.

I tell my out-of-state clients that the typical forecast for January 1 is 70 degrees and sunny with night time lows of about 40 degrees. Usually from October – May our Tucson, AZ weather is perfect. It does get a little warm in Tucson during the summer with temperatures getting up to 110 degrees F (the record is 116 degrees F),  but the joke is(local humor), “it’s a dry heat.” The truth is that when our humidity is low our night time temperatures are about 30 degrees lower than daytime temperatures.

Let’s talk about rain. Tucson, AZ gets between 11-12 inches of rain a year. The fun time is between July and August. This is when Tucson gets our monsoons and we can get almost half our rainfall during this time. To me a monsoon rain is just a real nice afternoon thunder, lightning, and rain storm that cools things down.

Search Tucson MLS Listings and Enjoy Weather in AZ

Search Tucson MLS Listings and Enjoy Weather in AZ

When I talked about our mountains I said they were responsible for some of our weather. The mountains help spawn these monsoon storms, and give us an afternoon or evening thunder and lightning show. Many of us  just love the fury of these storms. These storms are world renowned. One year there was a film crew from Japan that came here just to film our thunder and lightening storms.

Tucson, AZ gets another rainy season that may come between November and April. About every other year we will get a little snow on the valley floor which might last an hour before it melts. Again the mountains come in. Sometimes we have a snow elevation of, say, 3500′, so with the valley floor being about 3000′ we will get rain on the ground, but have a snow line along the side of the mountains, kind of like a bathtub ring and the mountain tops will be frosted with snow.

We get lots of sun in Tucson. I think we get around 360 days a year where the sun at least pokes its head out for a few minutes. Usually we have bright blue skies with a special light because of the elevation and the lack of humidity or water vapor to diffuse the light. Tucson is the only place I can go without sun glasses and not have eye strain.

Search Tucson MLS Listings and Enjoy Weather in AZ

Search Tucson MLS Listings and Enjoy Weather in AZ

We have world famous sunsets in Tucson. Many winter residents buy Tucson homes with western exposures so they can enjoy the afternoon sunsets. I have seen it many times: we will have a stormy day and I will be somewhat irritated only to have the clouds break up just about sunset and Mother Nature will bless us with the most beautiful sunset in Tucson.

With the clear skies come beautiful starlit nights. To me there seems to be a special phenomenon. When the moon is full, we will get a beautiful moonrise over the Rincon Mountains, then when we get up the next morning, the sun will be rising in the east and a still brightly lit moon will be setting in the west. I have heard that this is how Tucson (Two Suns) got its name from the Native Americans. I don’t know if that is the truth or just a tale.

Search Tucson MLS Listings and Enjoy Weather in AZ

Search Tucson MLS Listings and Enjoy Weather in AZ

Well I can go on and on, so I am just going to quit here. Tucson’s weather is special  and needs to be experienced.

It’s not all heaven here. We do get some wind and some dust storms (wind gusts usually don’t get over 40 mph). Tucson, AZ gets hot summers, but we learn to stay in and enjoy our AC’s, like northerners do in the winter time with their heaters.

Please contact me and I’ll show you what a beautiful place this is. I will also help setup a search of Tucson MLS listings.

My best,
Carl F. Pepper, Realtor

(520) 822-6575


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