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Fix Flip Phoenix House Flippers

Fix Flip Phoenix HousesWith Phoenix real estate prices the lowest in years, and abundant fix flip Phoenix house flippers inventory to choose from, more and more of our MyOwnArizona clients have inquired about "flipping Phoenix properties." They want to know if now is the time to buy and sell in Phoenix for a profit.

As the Phoenix real estate market moves up, flipping real estate in Phoenix was somewhat commonplace. We have the same investors buy a Phoenix fix flip property, sell a Phoenix property, buy a Phoenix property, sell a Phoenix property and so on... making a lot of quick profits. We hear mixed reactions at the time from those on the sidelines, from those that were disgusted by the amount of money being made to those that wanted to jump in and be a part of Phoenix house flipping.

Phoenix House FlipperSeveral television shows aired simplifying the flipping process in Phoenix, from purchase to sale, all within a 30-60 minute broadcast. Even with unexpected delays or problems, the Phoenix investors always managed to come out on top, walking away with a substantial profit from a property that they might have owned for just a few short weeks, if that. And while there definitely were a lot of Phoenix fix flip success stories, it was made to look easy and that anyone can do it. Unfortunately, we are well too aware that not everyone should do it.

Lets look at just two points to consider when purchasing Phoenix fix flip investment property:

Phoenix House Flipping1. Money

• Phoenix fix flip buyers need to be pre-qualified now more than ever if seeking financing. Those days of 100% financing are memories for most Phoenix house flips. And be prepared to cover all costs of the mortgage, taxes, HOA dues, utilities, etc.

• For Phoenix rental property, be prepared to cover those costs above, just in case renters default or you find yourself without tenants.

• Repairs should also be factored in for not only materials, but labor costs too.

• Don't forget about capital gains tax for when you sell. However, there is a 1031 Tax Exchange that MyOwnArizona can take you through, if you are interested in purchasing more Phoenix fix flip real estate and avoid taxes.

2. Time

• Selling the Phoenix fix flip property for profit may take longer than what we saw in the past. This is due to several factors like supply and demand (these conditions are always fluctuating, so there are never any guarantees).

• Consider buying and holding Phoenix fix flip house investments. Prices have not moved in an upswing yet, so patience is key in house flips.

With the lower Phoenix fix flip house sales prices and interest rates, it can be expected that flipping properties will produce positive results. After all, history usually repeats itself. But just make sure to ask yourself, do you have what it takes? If so, contact MyOwnArizona, and we will put your best foot forward.

Your Phoenix MyOwnArizona realtor is the best source in assembling the MyOwnArizona Team for successful fix flip house flipping. The top Arizona realtors serving the Phoenix area in the industry. Let our MyOwnArizona business professionals be of assistance to you and your needs.

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