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During the boom bubble times, investors in Arizona see little risk in all of their moves, however the risk taking gets greater and greater as the sales price climbs up. Most did not see the fool’s gold.

During the past almost decade, the Tucson property prices throughout the area have fallen by 15 – 75% from their previous peak assessed market values. The present real estate prices are the most favorable buying opportunities since World War II.

To make investing in the Tucson market even better, mortgage interest rates have dropped.

Of course the general concern consensus is, “is now really the time to buy Tucson real estate?” And “Could the prices go even lower?” Or as Forbes “Another Scare” article theory threat of, “Could we encounter a double-dip recession?” The answer is, even the great opportunity in investments properties of right now, could be passed with even greater deals in the close future.

Sure, that is always a possibility. However, do not overlook interest rate percentages. Over a typical Tucson investment holding period, the additional cost of steeper interest rates will most likely over-shadow any savings you could possibly gain in pricing.

Never the less, if you do choose to sit on the sidelines, please do it intelligently. Monitor the Tucson real estate market data. If you would like a team behind you, please contact us and we can start to put together a package for you today.

We are here to assist in your investment decisions.

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